Elective Courses

Elective courses enable students to explore long-held interests and brand new curiosities, across a range of disciplines.

Herron School of Art and Design’s commitment to civic engagement is a commitment to the intrinsic value of art and design and its ability to improve life and living. One way we express this core value is by extending the reach of our art and design instruction through non-degree/elective courses.

As a part of our mission to provide rich experiences in the visual arts, Herron offers a wide range of studio and academic courses or university students and individuals from the community.

An important component of Herron School of Art and Design is the Elective Arts Program. Elective Art classes are designed to serve a variety of goals. The basic objective is to provide a studio experience to those who do not wish to pursue a degree in visual arts. The elective art courses also provide a setting for students to be introduced to the visual arts before beginning their studies at Herron School of Art and Design. Beginning level classes in a variety of topics are offered each semester to fulfill this mission.

Generally, the courses have no prerequisite requirements or modest prerequisite requirements. Students are able to develop an appreciation for the visual arts through drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and more. The program serves the campus and school’s educational goals by providing hands-on experiences that develop critical thinking, cultural understanding, and ultimately prepares individuals to be visually literate citizens.

Whether for personal enrichment or as a required component of a major outside of our school, Elective Art students develop artistic skills and gain a keen understanding of aesthetics through their own artwork.

For admissions procedures, please contact the Herron Student Services Office at (317) 278-9400.


For the most up-to-date listing of arts and humanities elective courses available at Herron visit the Office of the Registrar's course schedule page. Elective courses will be listed as "HER-E".

Office of the Registrar's Course Schedule Page

Second Summer Semester 2015

Beginning Drawing II
Beginning Painting II

Fall Semester 2015

Beginning Drawing I
Beginning Drawing II
Beginning Painting I
Beginning Painting II
Color and Design Non-art Majors
Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design
Photography I
Drawing for Interior Design
Visual Learning
Advanced Metals and Jewelry Design