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Reflecting on My Time at Herron

Image courtesy Ashley Davis

Two years ago I arrived in Indianapolis to begin a graduate program in Visual Communication Design at Herron. Having only visited the city a handful of times before moving here, beginning a new life in a new city was a difficult and lonely process. I remember the day my family moved me to Indianapolis; we arrived with a car full of my belongings, and after a day of heaving boxes through doors and elevators and hallways, my family said their goodbyes, leaving me alone in a city of strangers.

The End is Only the Beginning

As the weather begins to change, the days become longer, and the weeks until summer fade away, many of us are feeling the anticipation of graduation. For me, after two years of graduate studies, the end of the school year brings another graduation, another ceremony, and another diploma. I am both excited and nervous; like many soon-to-be graduates, whether reaching the culmination of their undergraduate or graduate degree, the end of studies means searching for a job, feeling the pains of rejection, and waiting with eagerness for that one phone call which will alter your plans for the future.

Ai Weiwei: The Pursuit of Honesty

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Born in Beijing in 1957,Ai Weiwei is considered by many to be China’s most famous living artist, as well as one of its most vocal critics. Internationally recognized as a photographer, filmmaker, architect, and installation artist, Ai has gained notoriety for using his position to publicly denounce the Chinese Government, democracy, corruption, and human rights. Despite the threat of arrest and the fear of violence by the government’s hand, Ai, at the age of 55, has continued to speak out, through blogs, art, and other forums.

Be My Valentine: Legends and Greeting Cards

Artist: Robert Indiana
Dimensions: 12' 0" x 12' 0" x 6' 0" (3.7 m x 3.7 m x 1.83 m)
Created: 1970
Media: Cor-ten steel

Celebrated around the world for centuries as a day associated with romantic love, Valentine’s Day is more than just the “Hallmark Holiday” many claim it to be. While sending cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts is a modern tradition for Valentine’s Day among loved ones, the holiday has also inspired artists, poets, authors, illustrators, street artists and sculptors for centuries. What to many may seem like a commercial holiday supported by candy makers and greeting card companies actually dates back to the 3rd century.

Design and Thinking: Planning for the Premiere (Part II)

On Wednesday, September 12th, Herron School of Art and Design will have the opportunity to not only present the documentary film, Design and Thinking: A Documentary on Design Thinking, it will also have the chance to open the Graduate VC Design Studio to the public. As a companion experience to the documentary film, the Studio Open House will serve as a venue to allow visitors to see how Herron places in the vanguard of design thinking.

Design and Thinking: Planning for the Premiere (Part 1)

As part of the upcoming premiere of Design and Thinking: A Documentary on Design Thinking, students in the Visual Communication Design graduate degree program will be opening their studio to visitors. This opportunity will provide visitors the unique opportunity to learn more about design thinking and how education in design has evolved to address the changing complexities arising in our global economy.

IMA Hosts Design Lecture

Image credit: Indianapolis Museum of Art

Ever wonder why design is considered art, or why art museums are so actively collecting design? The
Indianapolis Museum of Art, in association with the Design Arts Society (DAS), is hosting a free lecture on
What is Good Design? Thursday, April 26, from 6-7 PM.

Students in Action II: IUPUI Legacy Project

From left to right: Tracy Heaton (Near Eastside community liaison), Christin Kim, Samantha Julka, Emily Stump, Professor Young Bok Hong, and Alli Schultz. Photo courtesy Nancy Patron

In the spring of 2011, the IUPUI Solution Center was given the opportunity to partner with the Super Bowl Legacy Project, resulting in IUPUI launching a cross-discipline program of targeted engagement. Aimed at increasing student and faculty involvement in the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, Visual Communication Design graduate students were the first group to begin working on the project.

Kodak & The Camera

Like Marshall Fieldʼs, Woolworth's and Pan Am, another American legend has fallen as Kodak is swept off its feet by the rolling changes in financial tides. The company that changed photography from a complicated, inconvenient profession to a leisure activity every mom, pop and amateur artist could afford has filed bankruptcy, showing that even nostalgia can't boost stock prices.

Over the past 200 years, photography has moved from a complicated, even hazardous profession to a past time anyone with even a cell phone can attempt. Real leaps in innovation began in the 1800s, with French inventors Joseph Niépce and Louis Daguerre making the idea of capturing visual scenes a commercially viable reality.

The Social Art Scene

For many, the release of the first cordless, portable phone was a breathtaking breakthrough in technology and design, allowing individuals to make calls from, say, outside their house, or even crazier, inside their car! I'm sure many college students have asked their parents at least once, "What was life like before the cell phone?"

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