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Cory Robinson

Associate Professor, Fine Arts Department Chair
HR 178

M.F.A., San Diego State University
B.F.A. Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University

Robinson has continually sought ways to make functional forms that speak with an artist's sensibility. His collective bodies of work navigate through many different explorations which represent material investigations, form explorations, the narrative qualities of objects, the formal vocabulary of design, and then back again to the simplicity of functional objects. Robinson is interested in the relationship that the artist and designer both have in shaping the users experience with objects of daily ritual.


New Antique, 2010, Walnut, steel, acrylic
Dandy, 2008, MDF, paint, cherry, acrylic
Shaker Town II, 2009, Walnut, baltic birch plywood, plastic laminate, acrylic
Tres Cowboys, 2009, Acrylic, wood veneer
Urban Forester II, 2009, Ash, oak, paint, graphite