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Turnin’ It! The Art and Culture of Drag

Through Imitation, Digital C-print, 24h x 30w in (60.96h x 76.2w cm)
Image credit: Alix Smith

October 5 - October 25
Basile Gallery

This exhibition is partially funded by a grant from the IUPUI LGBT Faculty Staff Council.

Drag is the symbolic use of clothing to represent behaviors and characteristics associated with a gender and persona. Gender roles are social and behavioral norms that constituted our culture’s influence of identity and gender. When drag is worn by a person of the opposite sex, it challenges gender as a performance of the qualities one idolizes. Drag queens are men who use exaggerated costume, lip-syncing and dance to satire commonly held gender roles and blur the distention of female and male.

Turnin’ It! The Art and Culture of Drag features contemporary photography, costume and artifacts that challenge the cultural stereotypes of two genders and the notion of identity. Also featured in this exhibition is imagery and artifacts that explore the local drag queen scene of the last thirty years.

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