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2012 SNAAP Survey Results

Since 2008, SNAAP has partnered annually with schools like Herron to conduct the largest and most comprehensive online survey of arts alumni ever undertaken. Herron participated in 2011, along with 57 other postsecondary institutions in the U.S. and Canada.

Strategic National Arts Alumni Project
The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) investigates the educational experiences and career paths of arts graduates nationally. SNAAP provides the findings to educators, policy makers, and philanthropic organizations to improve arts training, inform cultural policy, and support artists.

The survey asks arts alumni about their:

  • Current and past education and employment
  • Experiences as teachers
  • Income and support, student debt and other financial issues
  • Relevance of arts training to work and further education
  • Satisfaction with curricular and extracurricular experiences
  • Support and resource needs following graduation
  • Types of art practiced and how often

Herron invited 969 alumni to participate in the survey and got a response from 163. Here are some of the things alumni told us:

58 percent 23 percent 47 percent 61 percent
of alumni currently work as professional artists work as a teacher of the arts are currently self-employed of our graduates were employed within four months of graduation
88 percent 81 percent 75 percent
of alumni who received an undergraduate degree at Herron rated their overall experience as good or excellent of alumni who received a graduate degree at Herron rated their overall experience as good or excellent of undergraduate alumni would attend Herron if they could start over again.

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