Program Philosophy

The B.F.A. in Photography is a professional undergraduate degree for students desiring extensive studio experience with an emphasis in Photography and associated media. Students in the program develop critical thinking skills, refine their intellectual and creative processes, and learn both traditional and contemporary aspects of the photographer's craft.

As digital technology effectively blurs the line between films, periodicals, television, and photographs, students of photography are constantly challenged to define and reexamine the photographer's role in contemporary art practices.

A photography student will approach the study of Photography beginning with traditional black and white materials and progress to color processes with a concentrated examination of contemporary still and moving digital medias. By examining the history of photography, students will understand the roles photography played in culture throughout the past and its current position as an art form and cultural phenomena. Technical proficiency, personal growth, as well as conceptual and aesthetic development are emphasized equally.

Herron's photography facilities are among the best in the nation. With our facilities on the campus of IUPUI, the department has multiple black and white labs, individual color and advanced darkrooms, a computer lab, shooting studio, a dedicated finishing area, and gallery. This permits students to work in a variety of formats and media, including basic black and white printing, Type color and Ilfochrome color printing, advanced black and white printing and developing, mixed and alternative processes, digital media, and video. Students will have access to professional equipment, including medium format, 4x5, Polaroid, and video cameras, studio lighting kits, light meters, tripods, and state of the art digital equipment.

Mastering technical processes and developing your own artistic vision prepares you for a choice of multiple careers in photography and related fields. Employment opportunities include working perhaps as a studio artist and exhibiting work in fine art galleries and museums; being employed as a documentarian, publishing work in newspaper and other print venues or working in museum documenting works of art; as a commercial photographer; or as a portraitist. Many of our graduates work in emerging digital media, still, moving, and the worldwide web.