Program Philosophy

If you become a student in the Photography program at Herron, you will explore the medium’s versatility as well as its ongoing ability to influence and provoke the viewer.

You will receive a thorough education in the history of this art form as well as instruction in all the relevant technology and techniques.

Traditional wet printing techniques in black-and-white and color photography form a foundation for the department’s introduction to photographic imaging. Time-based and digital media are incorporated in the intermediate and advanced classes encouraging a cross-interdisciplinary approach to the photographic medium. This methodology is integral to the department’s approach to visual literacy in contemporary photography, placing emphasis on your personal growth and your conceptual and aesthetic development.

You will encounter a hands-on approach at learning technical facility in mechanical areas, as well as a thorough understanding of photography’s place in history and its different forms and applications. Primarily through the production of artworks, as well as through lectures, demonstrations, and readings, you will master the technical and conceptual aspects of the medium. Fine art photographers who work in a wide variety of genres are studied while students become acquainted with the position of photography in contemporary art. Faculty members are dedicated to their own professional development and set high standards for the department’s curriculum.