Book Arts Minor

Herron School of Art & Design has created a new minor in Book Arts that recognizes a growing need for interdisciplinary learning and practices . It offers a comprehensive course of study to disciplines for which text, narrative and visuals are relevant in relation to tactile form, structure, interactivity and presentation.

IUPUI Bulletin page for Book Arts Minor

Required courses are a mix of technical skill building and concept development in each of the areas that comprise the Book Arts:

  • bookbinding
  • book design
  • papermaking
  • letterpress typesetting.

While the course of study is committed to developing excellence in work by hand one of the main goals of the minor is to develop expressive and conceptual skills that complement an increasingly digital world with unique objects, that can creatively problem solve and find synergies between disciplines.

Students from the fields of Anthropology, English, Creative Writing, Language Studies, Journalism, History, Library Sciences, Philanthropy, General Studies, and New Media would find the minor in Book Arts an effective complement to their discipline. Students graduating with this minor will be prepared for employment in the fields of book restoration, the printing industry, public relations and education.

Book Arts Minor Curriculum

Book Arts Minor Application and Checksheet

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