M.F.A. in Visual Art


Herron’s new M.F.A. in Painting and Drawing concentrates on contemporary approaches.

The program recognizes the importance of refining the mastery of technical strategies and formal issues balanced with the encouragement of individual artistic styles and thematic interests. Graduate students in Painting and Drawing will have an opportunity to continue developing approaches that are anchored in past traditions. The program is also supportive of those who wish to push boundaries through the exploration of interdisciplinary approaches and installation art. By offering a creative and supportive environment, Herron’s M.F.A. in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing strives to advance graduate students’ skills and ideas as they engage dynamically in the practice of media with historically rich traditions.

Graduate students in the program will work with Herron’s outstanding faculty, facilities and equipment to gain an in-depth understanding of professional studio practices. An emphasis is placed on developing one’s individual creative vision along with exploring a range of professional opportunities such as university teaching, interdisciplinary collaboration and community-based, site-specific initiatives. Graduate students at Herron gain mastery in practical strategies for making art as well as an understanding of the theoretical issues, historical influences and cultural forces involved in producing art in a 21st century urban context.